A new collection of artistic products of absolute prestige mixed by Mechini’s history and Edion Collections suggestive fragrances that allow you to perfume your world by responding to the inspirations of your way of being.
Mechini’s exclusive New Air Design Home Collection is a wonderful mix of suggestive fragrances by Edion Collections and Mechini’s artistic Florentine creations.
Do you want to embellish your home with unique masterpieces and emotional perfumes?
The undisputed quality and absolute prestige of Mechini’s home diffusers allow you to perfume your home with elegance and luxury. All home diffusers of Air Design Collection are made one by one, completely by hand, taking care of each minimum detail, according to Mechini’s history in wrought iron manufacture field.

In Mechini’s products you can feel the richness and distinction of the refined Florentine period. In each home diffuser you will find all the poetry of the cold iron, subdued with hammer, anvil, fire and water, that transform itself in artistic articles of incredible beauty.
Discover the New Air Design Home Collection!

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