Choosing a theme for your bedroom is no doubt going to be an exciting creative experience.  Let us help!

Choosing a theme for your bedroom is no doubt going to be an exciting creative experience.  Let us help!

Whether the space is still a white canvas where everything needs to be planned from scratch, or you just feel that it is time to add new tones and accessories to an already established bedroom decor, Mechini can surely light your way.

To some, a bedroom is a hideaway, with very simple furniture contributing to the creation of a comfortable, relaxing space. Some instead wish to end their days retiring quietly into a glam and sophisticated boudoir. Whatever your choice, the gorgeous Mechini’s selection of wall, ceiling and bedside table lamps can help you add sparkle and magic to any bedroom furniture.

If to you bedroom equals relaxation, and you aim for a warm and mature feel, a traditional look, like the one designer Michael M.Smith created for Cindy Crawford’s Malibu’s home, may be of inspiration.

If you still wish for more sparkle, simply replace the plain ceiling lamps with two small Mechini Murano glass chandeliers and let them do the magic! Add a wow factor to a modern, sleek, minimalist look like this enriching it with the contrasting hand-made splendour of Italian craftsmanship.

Turn the lights on at night and suddenly get dreamy with the help of a modular light option. Amongst all of the bedroom ideas, a romantic, traditional, boudoir is of course the natural choice for breath taking pendants: if this is your idea of heaven, you will know you have arrived home when you’ll visit our gallery of Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

And if you just can’t help collecting more and more pieces and bedroom accessories, hanging gorgeous Mechini’s Swarovski and Murano glass wall lamps on each side of the bed will allow you to keep the nightstands free to make space for yet more luxurious objects, like a vase or a vintage picture frames.

Imagine adding a Mechini crystal chandelier with a delightful golden leaves detailing to a clean, naturally lit environment such as this wonderful bedroom with foot to ceiling  patio doors by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lay in bed and let the crystals light reflective properties stun you even before switching the light on. When planning bedrooms lighting, interior design experts strongly advise us to consider carefully not only simple facts liked bedroom color palettes and style, but also what other tasks the room will be hosting throughout the day. Less and less just the island where you fall into the arms of Morpheus, the modern bedroom is often a compound of many experiences, with different spaces for different tasks.  

Remember to plan ahead, so that different lights can cater wisely for your eclectic needs.