The entryway is the first part of a house to be seen entering it. Therefore, taking care of your foyer decor is a wonderful way to give your guests a preview of your personality and style.

Originally, foyers were concieved as airlocks, small entry areas by the front door, separated from the rest of the rooms not to disperse the heat of the numerous fireplaces, with an attached stairway. 

Today, foyers are still very popular, not because of their airlock function but thanks to their architectural elegance. A foyer is a preview of the entire huose, it is the first image a guest sees entering your home. From the most spacious of the foyers to the most intimate of the entryways, there is always something you can do to improve your house appeal. 

A entryway chandelier, for instance, could act as a great preview of the rest of your house.  A chandelier always add personality and class to your house. 

There are several styles of foyer chandeliers to discover. For example, tiered or classic chandeliers are the perfect option if you want something more traditional and ornamental. This kind of lighting add formality to a room. If you want to create an enchanting athmosphere insted of a formal one, what you need is a crystal chandelier: every piece of crystal will reflect light in a unique way, forcing your eyes to linger on its irridescent beauty. Transitional and drum chandeliers are what you need if you seek something more informal still being somewhat traditional, while rustic chandeliers have a more casual allure.  If you like a futuristic style, opt for a modern chandelier: clean lines and innovative shapes for a minimal design. A bulb pendant light would give the same glorious effect.

If you decide to opt for a foyer chandelier, remember to chose a fixture that match your home style. Proportion is also of great importance while selecting the right chandelier. Choosing an excessively big chandelier could overburden your entryway decor (in that case, if your space is limited you could use a mini chandelier), while chosing a too small one could be a waste, because all beauties are irrelevant when unnoticed.