Diamond chandeliers are not only meant for ballrooms and ancient castles; diamond chandeliers add luxury and class to almost any space.

If you want to add a touch of class to your house, a diamond chandelier will certainly meet your expectations. 

Diamonds Collection is Mechini’s crowning achievement; the result of a long career inspired by a thorough research in the field of luxury lighting and tradition. 

Diamonds collection is  an absolutely limited edition. Each chandelier is handcrafted and uniquely designed, a Swarovski cascade of rare beauty.

Mechini offers a great variety of materials to carve your chandelier into; from Bohemian Crystal to Swarovski, all raw materials are carefully choosen and superior quality is guaranteed. 

Diamonds Collection’s protagonist is crystal, in every form. For instance, chandelier L276/11 DC gracefully reunites three different types of glass (Swarovski Strass, coloured Bohemian crystal and Murano glass)in a unique and extremely rich floreal composition. This eleven lights iron chandelier is completely handmade, like all Mechini products, and available in different precious colours to add even more versatility to a product that is already extremely adaptable: just perfect above a coffee table, accompanying brilliant conversations, as well as decorating your living room with its evocative classy light. 

Perfect for your bedroom, dining room or even kitchen, Chandelier L285/10 DC, curvy and striking, features Swarovski strass inserts and Venetian Crystal nature-inspired decorations: little berries of floreal beauty, to satisfy your eyes and imagination and to add a touch of classic beauty to your house. The little chain of black crystal pearls surrounding the chandelier recalls a bunch of grapes. It is the kind of chandelier that Bacchus, latin god of wine and grape harvest, would have hanged in his temple during Bacchanalia.

Even more evocative combined with mini chandeliers, like L264/9 DC Mini, Diamonds Collection chandeliers will provide a warm and luxorious athmosphere.

Carefully crafted and refined in every detail, Mechini’s Diamonds Collection is definitely one of the most attentive and classy creations of contemporary Italian lighting design.