The dining room is the part of the house devoted to social relationships, family bonding and, of course, food. Certainly, a place for family reunions, dinner parties with friends and romantic dinners needs to be properly lightnened. 

There are plenty of styles to decorate your dining room with: from Steampunk, which is the amalgamation of vintage aesthetic with industrial designs, to Vintage, Classic, Modern, Ecofriendly, Informal, Country and many more.

 There are also many types of lighting, from  led lamps to ceiling fans with light kit –  but if you are looking for a Romantic athmosphere, a chandelier is exactly what you need.

When approaching the topic of choosing the right chandelier for your dining room, there are a few rules. First, chandeliers are not supposed to be hanged too low to avoid traumatic standing ups. The fixture of your chandelier should not be too large compared to the table, so that it doesn’t overpower the space. Moreover, the lighting fixture has to merge with the style of the room. This does not mean that lighting and furniture must share the same style: they just have to look good together, appraising each other. 

A chandelier with a dimmer switch is always a good choice if you are after a romantic feel. Soft lighting encourages soft thoughts. Lighting some candles up could be another good way to mellow the athmosphere of your dining room.

Rules are made to br broken, so what is important is to choose something that suits your personal taste. Feel free to combine an Art Nouveau Chandelier with an industrial minimalist table, if it suits you and your partner. 

And you, what style of lighting have you chosen for your dining room? Let us have your comments!