Marina Putilovskaya is one of the most appreciated and professional interior designers in Russia, but her name is synonym of prestige worldwide. 

Marina Putilovskaya is one of the most appreciated and talented interior designers in Russia, and her name is synonym of prestige all over the world. 

Putilovskaya graduated at Strogonovka, the best Russian university of art, and became interior designer in the nineties. She emigrated to Germany where she was the first Russian designer to be awarded the title of main art director chez Trueggelmann, a very prestigious and upmarket German company. 

Putilovskaya collected many more successful collaborations since. Her unique projects articulate both in private and public interiors, such as restaurants “Palazzo Ducale”, “Imperial hunting”, “Club T”, “The Temple of a dragon”, “The White sun of the desert”, “Ki-Ka-Ku” and the second floor and a veranda in the  restaurant Mario.  

She worked with illustrious Italian companies on the likes of  “Mechini”,  “Jumbo Collection”, “Riva” and “Boiserie Italia”. The marvellous result of this collboration was showcased during the International  Furniture exhibition of Milan, in 2011, within the event “Days of Marina Putilovskaya”, lasted three days. 

Putilovskaya is now one of the most admired interior designers in the world. In the last 20 years, many customers have also become close friends. Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Dyachenko, Winer, Tabakov, Kurbatskaya, Novikov, Hait and many others have left their homes in the professional hands of Putilovskaya, who have turned all of them in truly amazing , unique, timeless pieces of art.

Every Putilovskaya design is a single artistic experience, hence extrimely unique and customisable. Nonetheless, her personal touch is unmistakable. The stained glass windows combined with stunning accessories and furniture, the attention to lighting, the use of marble and plasterwork and many more precious details are Putilovskaya’s prestigious signature. 

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