Known as one of the most influencial and talented architects from Russia, Oleg Klodt’s design is exquisitely consistent: a distinguished New Classic style.

Approaching the marvellous world of interior design and architecture, mentioning Oleg Klodt becomes a moral imperative.

Known as one of the most influencial and talented architects and designers from Russia, Oleg Klodt’s design is always exquisitely  consistent,  a distinguished New Classic style.

He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, becoming architect and designer almost coicidentally. His first love was architecture but started working on interior design in the ealry 2000’s, founding the Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau and the Oleg Klodt Interior Design practice, in 1998 and 2000 respectively. 

Descending from the Russian dinasty Clodt von Jurgensburg, which has generated sculptors and artists for generations, Klotd inherited the taste for tradition and elegance, harmoniously combined with modern intuitions, reaching new glorious heights of completeness.

The merge between classic and contemporary style is always minimalistic, concieved to reflect each client’s different personality in a concise and ispired fashion. You will never find a single excess or any kind of decorative redundancy in his creations.

Oleg Klodt has created the design of a great number of private residences, along with commercial spaces, public buildings, offices, restaurants, hotel, beauty salons and much more.

He also partially rebuilted and decorated a house in Amsterdam belonging to a friend of the Spanish painter Picasso, now property of a family with two children. The point was to maintain the  European constructivist style of the 1960s creating at the same time a real, confortable family home.

The previous owner, a painter as well, had settled his own atelier in the space of the house, leaving a lot of paintings behind. Klotd included them in the new decoration, as a reminder of the house’s artistic past.

Klodt’s career ranges from residential architecture to interior design. He designed the working space of a famous bauty salon in Moscow city centre in a Viennese Building, mantaining the orginal structure and style but modernising the interiors.

The main idea throughout his work is to create something long lasting, to pass trough generations and containing all the different artmospheres at once.