One of the most famous and iconic supermodels in the world, Naomi Campbell, owns a stunning futuristic mansion in Moscow, Russia. This striking architectural structure is home to the 44-year-old British model.

This mansion was completed in 2012, and designed by accomplished architectural genius Zaba Hadid. Zaba is also famous for the opera house in Guangzhou, Roca Gallery, and the Aquatics Center in London amongst many other achievements.

The aesthetic design of this space-age home was influenced by the work of Antonio Gaudi, who is known for prolifically used glass and wood for interior design, as well as, his rejection of straight lines.

The mansion covers over 2,650 square meters, and centers around two 22-meter-high towers. These towers house the two master bedrooms and a lounge with an exterior terrace. They are connected to the lower levels of the mansion with a transparent glass elevator and staircase.

This futuristic mansion that resembles a docked spaceship, is specifically located in Moscow’s A-List suburban area Rublyovka. Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, built the dream home, dubbed the “Capital Hill Residence”.

The construction took place over six years, featuring large glass panels, high ceilings, and smooth curves throughout. Luxurious amenities include an indoor pool that converts to a dance floor, a gym, a Finnish spa, and both a Turkish and a Russian bath.

The glass floor to ceiling windows that encompass the home cause the natural light to flow throughout, adding to the modern and eco-style of the home. Naomi Campbell’s incredible mansion is without doubt one of the most futuristic and modern homes in recent years.