With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to transform a busy area of your house in a quiet place to relax, read and be creative.

Usually, every room of the house has a different function and a different place in your heart. The kitchen is the place where you cook your meals and store your food supllies. You go to sleep in your bedroom and park your car in your garage.

However, in everyday life a room’s function is never so specific, especially if you are living with children. Your dining room may abruptly become a playground or the perfect spot to do homework, spreading papers and pencils all over the place. A dining room may be turned into a work zone, a bedroom into a love nest.

A single room may be composed of different areas, destined to different activities. For instance, a bedroom may contain a desk, a walk-in closet, a sofa.

That is the reason why choosing a multiple streams of light is the wisest pick for your house lighting and, therfore,  yourself. With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to transform a busy area of your house in a quiet place to relax, read and be creative. Passing from daylight to neutral and warm light whenever your mood tells you to has never been so easy, with a little help from dimmer switches and multibulbs fixtures to create layers of light.

Adapting your room’s lighting to your mood is quite easy, it is just a matter of intensity, shape and colour. The first rule is to visualise your activities and habits to understand which part of the house has to be enphasized with light.

If it has been a bad day and all you need is to come back home and find an inviting place to feel comfortable and relaxed, a warm lighting is what you need. Highlight golden and red tones for a welcoming atmosphere, chose darker light bulbs to create deeper shadows and consider indirect lighting as a pleasant alternative solution.

As an example, reading a book before going to sleep requires light being warm but also intense enough not to strain your eyes.  Consider using a swing arm lamp to adjust the intensity of lighting while reading before hitting the hay.

If you need to be productive, chose a neutral light: balanced and efficient, it will helps you focusing on your task. Use middle spectrum lumonisity light bulbs to enhance natural light. 
Active zones of your house can be enhanced by a clear and lively light, imitating daylight. Use clearer light bulb and increase your dimmer lights intensity.

Layers of light can transform every room of your house, which is going to acquire versatility and beauty. You will be able to change your room’s mood to suit the moment, creating a dynamic space that fits your emotions.

Photocredit: kichler.com