Home is where you are… and where your new luxury furniture is going to be. If you are looking for inspiration in choosing your new luxury furniture, look no further: Mechini’s here to help.

Home is where you are… and where your new luxury furniture is going to be. 
You want it to be precious and you want it to be comfortable, you want it to be a mirror of your own self. And when your only limit is your imagination, whatever your vision, we believe the unrivalled selection of sophisticated and high quality furniture at Luxury furniture store by Tesalia is sure to meet your needs.

Extra thought should go into the decoration of what is truly the most important room in every home: the master bedroom. This is where you will embrace every new day and where you will unwind every night.

Compare the time you spend in your bed to how long you make use of any other piece of furniture in your house and be sure to invest accordingly. And if an opulently classic bed such as Portada is what you have always dreamt of for your night retreat, a Mechini chandelier can be crafted to complement its style, colour palette and materials to make sure your choice of lighting fully supports such statement of sophistication and glamour.

And if a Mechini chandelier was instead your first choice for your dining area, you can still work with Tesalia to create a perfect matching finish for your table and dining furniture so that the whole space can flow harmoniously.

Whatever the room you are working on, make sure your choice of lighting reflects and enhances the sophistication of the lines and noble materials in your home and, if needed, adds a hint of glamour and a refined feel to each room. Should you need a little help, many companies now offer a free personal shopper service to support you through all of the interior design dreams and nightmares you might have.