Murano is a small Venetian island famous all over the world for glass products, which are not only examples of Italian craftsmanship excellence, but real pieces of art.

Murano is a small Venetian island famous all over the world for glass products, which are not only examples of Italian craftsmanship excellence, but real pieces of art.

The art of glassmaking was a prominent feature of the entire Venetian Republic but in 1291, fearing fire and destruction of the wooden buildings of Venice, glassmakers were ordered to move their foundries to the island. Murano glassmakers held a monopoly on quality glassmaking hereafter, crafting all sort of things from elegant tableware, mirrors and goblets to new designs of lighting fixtures.

Murano Glass Chandeliers replaced the old wooden chandeliers, giving new grace to the art of lighting. A Murano glass chandelier was, and still is, a symbol of wealth. Venetian nobility and merchants longed for customed products and the heavy demand was both a gold opportunity and a challenge for the glassmakers, continuously pushed into doing their very best.

Some of the glass masterpieces of the past can still be admired today, like the Rezzonico family’s candelier, hanging in its original ballroom since the 18th century. Made of rare polycrome glass, with a two-tiered structure and 20 candle-holders, Rezzonico’s chandelier is one of the most amazing chandeliers in the world; it is so beautiful and was so appreciated that it gave life to its own glassmaking style called Rezzonico, still in use today.

Rezzonico chandeliers are characterized by elaborate and colorful floreal elements, elegant stems, cups and gold inserts.

Glassmakers in Murano have developped several techniques and styles across the centuries. Recently, they have explored even the most modern trends with great success, while remaining true to the glassmaking tradition of their ancestors. Today, Murano glassmakers have to deal with a more minimalistic taste and the result is always amazing. Every chandelier is handmade, carefully refined in every detail.



Photocredit: Antichiangeli