New Swarovski Blab Collections

we are constantly looking to combine our tradition with contemporary style

The L148/8 chandelier from the mechini collection becomes even more precious thanks to the combination with the Swarovsky crystals in the special Blab color. Our unmistakable style is even more valued by these special crystals which, thanks to their typical characteristics, assume different colors depending on the angle of the light refraction, creating a mix of colors of incomparable beauty.

The svarowsky Blab crystals can be used on all the items of the Mechini collections thanks to their eclecticism, and at the same time all our creations can be enriched with the intrinsic value of these crystals.

Once again the combination of the Mechini style and the uniqueness of this special Blab collection by Svarowsky will help to create authentic masterpieces that go beyond the mere meaning of the object itself, but will rise to authentic masterpieces of art.

An elegant expression of timeless art that can enrich any space and is placed with every type of high-end luxury furniture.

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