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As you know, only a few materials, such as the metal, has impressed and are impressing nowadays the human civilization.
At present day, along with new forms of communication, new sources of energy and new means of transport, the metals remain central in our technology.
They assume new shapes and new functions; it is in Florence, in this contest, that the poetry of the cold iron, subdued with hammer, anvil, fire and water, transform itself in artistic chandeliers of incredible beauty.

It is a magical situation that, every days starting from the years ‘70th , it is repeating itself in the “Mechini smithy”.
The firm has growing during the years specializing its activity in the creation of wrought iron items of high quality in the lighting field.
Thanks to the knowing hands of experienced persons in the firm Mechini, we can admire the passion for work, the professionals attitude but, above all, the marvellous emotions that the lights give.
It seems it comes directly from the wrought iron. You can feel in our articles the richness of colours, the elegance and the distinction of the refined Florentine period.
All these elements make the Mechini chandeliers unique and inimitable in its creations.Our Chandeliers are made one by one, completely by hand, and we make them in Florence since 1970th, taking care of each minimum detail.

It is impossible for us to make two identical pieces since they are handmade and unique.
Mechini is a synonym of Italian art and gracefulness and each item is an exclusive piece designed and manufactured to enrich the elegance of your home with spectacular details and create incredible lighting effects.
Dimensions, colours and designs can generally all be customized by creating unique masterpieces to embellish your home.
Each hand crafted chandeliers collection will be a glittering crystal cascade for customers seeking to compliment their home and office with the best that Italian lighting can offer.
Mechini is a leading company providing designer chandeliers and high quality crystal lamps.
While preserving the tradition and quality of materials (iron, Bohemia crystal, porcelain and Swarovski Strass) harmonized with precious decoration techniques and workmanship, the emotion that we hope to convey you is the passion and love that has enabled to create our luxury chandelier collection.

Our range includes Italian lights, contemporary chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps and a new special collection of home diffusers.
A new collection of artistic products of undisputed quality and absolute prestige mixed by
Mechini’s history and Edion Collections suggestive fragrances that allow you to perfume your world by responding to the inspirations of your way of

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