Having the perfect dacha, a superb country retreat for him and his family, was something crucial for Vassily V. Sidorov. Finding a place to live in harmony with his wife Victoria and their daughter, far from big city life empoisoning environment, has not been immediate for the owner of Euroatlantic Investments, who had to wait until an acquaintance talked him into hiring a London-based South African interior designer, Gabhan O’Keeffe.

Known for his eclectic but sober style and for having designed the houses of  Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, and Bryan Ferry, O’Keeffe has turned the impersonal dacha into a masterpiece. In his works, almost every component is customized. For Sidorov dacha, O’Keeffe and his design director, George Warrington, plus a 14 member team, decided to harmonize the house walls with the monumental stone portico and the trees in the garden trough the application of umber-stained stucco to the exterior walls. The finesse of Iroko wood bands under the roof and at the bottom of the house gives it an autumnal allure.

As for the interior design, O’Keeffe decided to open everything up creating a continuum between the rooms. From the overscale lanterns of the monumental entryway to the buttercup-yellow chairs, purple velvet sofas, scarlet silk lampshades, color occupies a central  place in the dacha’s leitmotiv, along with the striped silk velvet woven for the walls of the master bedroom that embodies the will to embed artisanal details into the body of the house, tapestry in particular. Sidorov’s little daughter Veronica has been reserved with a special treatment: her room’s walls are decorated with a landscape mural and in the middle, lies a stunning fringed canopy bed.

O’Keeffe played minimal for the indoor swimming pool, focusing on light. He arranged the light so that it enhances the pink tones of the skins making swimmers shine underwater. A detail displaying class, fantasy and genius.

O’Keeffe is known for his explosion of colors and patterns, but at Sidorov house he proved to be a designer who is extremely attentive to the real exigencies of a client and not only to his own flair. Now Sidorov family has its personal country refuge, a place to surrender to a sweet lethargy, during the cold Russian winter. 

photocredit: architecturaldigest.com