Mechini’s company loves luxury, it is not a secret. If you love it too, have a look at the exclusive table lamp collection.

Mechini’s company loves luxury, it is not a secret. If you love it too, have a look at the exclusive crystal table lamps collection. 

Like all Mechini products, every crystal and wrought iron table lamp is made in Italy and hand crafted by experienced artists, taking care of the slightest detail. 

Moreover, almost every product can be customized to add even more personality and uniqueness to your lamp, which is certainly going to add the finishing touch to your house.

Your entire room’s design can be inspired by a well-chosen lamp, creating a new, fresh atmosphere and bringing a new sensation of welcomeness. 

Mechini offers a selection of classic and modern lamps to meet every expectation. The outstanding quality of  raw materials and the attention paid during manufacturing process are making of Mechini crystal table lamps the kind of product you certainly want to enhance your house with. 

For instance, the stunning combination of coloured Bohemian Crystal and Murano Glass of model F788/1 will impress even the most minimalist among customers with its richness and preciousness. A distracted observer could mistake this incredible lamp for a gorgeous flower vase but after a more attentive contemplation he would realize that it is made of much more precious materials. The iridescent pearl banding and the perfectly shaped glass flowers would do the rest.

The gracious model F276/1, made of an elegant wrought iron structure combined with coloured Swarovski strass and a sleek Murano glass flower blooming on top, is the kind of light you are going to turn on just to admire its delicate splendor. Reading a good book under its intimate light is a delightful experience: imagine turning the pages while rejoicing with comforting glares of red Swarovski crystal caressing the room, gently.

Your eyes will never be tired of appreciating the richness of Mechini table lamps decorations, perfectly combined with up-to-date technical efficiency and passionate experience.